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Custom Imitation Ivory
1911 Grip Examples

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Custom Imitation Ivory 1911 Grips

Here you'll see some of the various style faux ivory 1911 grips that we have done previously included custom graphic military and law enforcement grips. As you can see, the engraving can be very detailed and the grips are customized to what you're looking for.  Contact us for a free quote for your own grips!

imitation Ivory grips with military graphic engraving

Reference - I.I. 1

1911 imitation Ivory grips with motorcycle graphic and initials

Reference - I.I. 2

Custom ivory pistol grips with bear claw etching and black fill

Reference - I.I. 3

personalized imitation ivory grips with gold filled graphics and black wording

Reference - I.I. 4

1911 imitation ivory grips with high detailed graphic etching

Reference - I.I. 5

custom 1911 grips personalized with photos and dates underneath

Reference - I.I. 6

Motorcycle Club graphic engraved on 1911 imitation ivory grips

Reference - I.I. 7

custom 1911 set with initials and custom wording on opposing grips

Reference - I.I. 8

Custom Imitation Ivory grips with texas graphic and initials

Reference - I.I. 9

Masonic graphic engraved 1911 grips with black fill

Reference - I.I. 10

Military Wing graphic etched into bobtail style 1911 ivory grips

Reference - I.I. 11

company logo engraved imitation ivory grips

Reference - I.I. 12

custom grips with black filled graphic engraving

Reference - I.I. 13

badge graphic engraved on imitation ivory grips

Reference - I.I. 14

personalized 1911 grips with large name engraving

Reference - I.I. 15

2nd amendment engraved 1911 grips with balck fill

Reference - I.I. 16

detailed imitation ivory grips with graphic & initial engraving

Reference - I.I. 17

texas imitation ivory grips displayed on pistol

Reference - I.I. 18

Masonic Eye custom 1911 grips in imitation ivory with wording

Reference - I.I. 19

Military Tank company logo etched 1911 grips

Reference - I.I. 20

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