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Grip Examples Page 4

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Page 4 1911 Grip Examples

Deputy sheriff honduran rosewood grips for colt defender

Reference - E.4. 1

3 dog night in alaska custom compact 1911 grips

Reference - E.4. 2

Customer specified 1911 grip

Reference - E.4. 3

scrimshaw butterfly girl on imitation ivory 1911's

Reference - E.4. 4

photo engraved commander 1911 grips

Reference - E.4. 5

army seal engraved on imitation ivory for a g.i. issue pistol

Reference - E.4. 6

new air force and old air force logo engraved grips

Reference -E.4. 7

S.W.A.T Santa monica custom red stained walnut grips

Reference - E.4. 8

scrimshawed imitatioin ivory 1911's

Reference - E.4. 9

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More of Our 1911 Grips

custom graphic engraved exotic wood grips

Reference - E.4. 10

market street grocery graphic custom 1911 grips

Reference - E.4. 11

walnut scythe graphic with
rev. 6:8
"And behold... a pale horse...."

Reference - E.4. 12

kansas highway patrol with flag personalized grips

Reference - E.4. 13

coarse stipple louisiana state police custom grips

Reference - E.4. 14

dark bolivian wood grips

Reference - E.4. 15

floral scroll engraved wood 1911 grips

Reference - E.4. 16

USAF personalized Imitation ivory grips

Reference - E.4. 17

masonic graphic imitation ivory grips with scrimshaw style floral

Reference - E.4. 18

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