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Various 1911 Grip Examples

This is the second page of personalized gun grips examples. All of our engraved grips are SOLID WOOD, not laminate (it wouldn't work with our engraving process anyway). Check out some of the custom designs we've done, including the photo engraving of a customer's French bulldog! Contact us for a free quote for your own grips!

Custom grips with Coat of Arms Engraving

Reference - E.2. 1

USN 1911 compact grips for Chief Petty Officer

Reference - E.2. 2

Bolivian Rosewood Grips with Diamond Checkering

Reference - E.2. 3

red stained center raised graphic on maple 1911 grips

Reference - E.2. 4

Family crest personalized 1911 grips with checkering

Reference - E.2. 5

Custom Grips for Robert Campbell with French bulldog Engraving

Reference - E.2. 6

all American Airborne with wings custom pistol grips

Reference -E.2. 7

cattle brand personalized gun grips with stippling

Reference - E.2. 8

army National Guard graphic engraved pistol grips

Reference - E.2. 9

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More of Our 1911 Grips

arizona custom graphic engraving on 1911 Single stack

Reference - E.2. 10

Red Stained Firefighter/EMT personalized grips

Reference - E.2. 11

Celtic Cross engraved cherry 1911 grips

Reference - E.2. 12

"Duke" dog image photo engraved grips

Reference - E.2. 13

custom 2nd amendment pistol grips

Reference - E.2. 14

walnut Sheriff's Office 1911's with checkered pattern

Reference - E.2. 15

Ornate mexico scroll engraved 1911 grips

Reference - E.2. 16

Distinguished flying cross from vietnam personalized for 45 ACP

Reference - E.2. 17

Rosewood naval petty officer grips with anchor graphic

Reference - E.2. 18

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