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Custom Truss
Rod Covers 

Starting at $35.00
These truss rod covers are made out of quality woods or plastics and are produced individually to meet you're requirements. When you are looking for something to add that personal touch to your stringed instrument, you've come to the right place. Scroll down to see more examples of our work and to request a quote for what you'd like done!

Truss Rod Cover Examples

Custom engraved truss rod cover with personalized name and date

Reference - TRC 1

Birds-eye maple cover with personalized initial engraving

Reference - TRC 2

Custom cut tRC with band logo engraved and initials

Reference - TRC 3

High grade flame maple truss rod cover with blue stain

Reference - TRC 4

Custom bell shaped truss rod cover with cross cutout engraving

Reference - TRC 5

Black and white cover with exposed edges

Reference - TRC 6

Red stained flame maple with custom knot graphic engraved

Reference - TRC 7

Black and white plastic truss rod cover with dragon graphic

Reference - TRC 8

Large initial engraving going vertically on truss rod cover

Reference - TRC 9

Ebony truss rod cover with custom graphic engraving and white fill

Reference - TRC 10

Large initial engraving with white fill out ebony tRC

Reference - TRC 11

High grade blue flame maple with wording engraved and gold fill

Reference - TRC 12

Great place to do business with. Very nice people. Their work is fantastic.

SARAH | Previous Customer

More Customer Photos

Custom flame truss rod cover with name engraving

Reference - TRC 13

Custom horse graphic engraved truss rod cover

Reference - TRC 14

Red graphic engraved flame maple inlaid TRC

Reference - TRC 15

High quality flame maple engraving with name engraving

Reference - TRC 16

Black graphic engraved truss rod cover with white fill

Reference - TRC 17

Flame maple TRC with cursive engraved name

Reference - TRC 18

Zebrawood custom cut truss rod cover with name

Reference - TRC 19

Purpleheart wood TRC with panda graphic engraving

Reference - TRC 20

Blood red stained cover with white filled wording

Reference - TRC 21

Red and white plastic truss rod cover with with name

Reference - TRC 22

Sunburst stained trc with name centered and engraved

Reference - TRC 23

Another example of zebrawood trc with custom engraving

Reference - TRC 24

Custom truss rod cover done with dark filled engraving

Reference - TRC 25

Red tortoise shell engraved and overlaid on flame maple

Reference - TRC 26

Flame maple trc with custom cross engraved

Reference - TRC 27

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