Photo Engraved Drumsticks

$40.00 w/ Free Wording

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Photo Engraved Drumsticks
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Photo Engraved Drumsticks
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This Price includes:
- First Quality VIC FIRTH Drumsticks
- Engraving of a Photo of 1-2 People
- 200 Characters of Wording in Select Font(s)
- Preview of Layout For Your Approval W/
1 on 1 Reccomendations
- Smooth Gloss Lacquer Finish
- Ships Quick (Typically 5 Business Days)
- Choose from sizes 5A, 5B, and 2B
We are NOT Vic Firth
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Photo Engraved drumsticks
Photo-Engraved Drumstick Examples

Below are some of the many photos of previously done drumsticks that we've done to give you just an example of what is possible.
Both people are engraved on each stick and then we place the sticks side by side

Personalized drumstick set with couple engraved
engraved drumsticks with couple etched on each stick

Ex. 1

Close up image of photo-engraved drumstick set showing two people side by side
Close up Image of Photo-engraved drumsticks set

Ex. 2

Another example of personalized drumsticks with formal photo of couple
Personalized Drumsticks set with full body engraving

Ex. 3

Custom drumstick set where both people are close together in starting image.
Close Up image of couple engraving

Ex. 4

Vertically engraved drumstick set showing couple side by side and smiling
Vertically Oriented photo engraved drumsticks set

Ex. 5

Couple photo-engraved on a set of drumsticks. Send us your own image and we'll make you a pair too!
close up engraving with faces very large on sticks

Ex. 6

Custom drumsticks with drummer photo engraving with same photo on each stick
Individual Drummer photo on drumsticks with personalized wording

Ex. 7

Image of two people engraved side by side from older photo that was taken. If the image is clear, we can engrave it
older photo engraved drumsticks with close up image

Ex. 8

Be Descriptive With Your Details

When you request a quote, please provide us with a detailed description of what you are looking for. The better idea we have what you are looking for, the quicker we can get things underway!

The better quality of the photo you send us, the better the engraving ON your personalized sticks

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Photo Engraved drumsticks Now!
Keep Shadows To A Minimum

The clearer and higher the resolution of the photo that you send us, the better the engraving will most likely turn out. Photos should clear, sharp, and close-ups work the best. Shadows that are cast over a person's face should be kept to a minimum as it can have a large impact on the engraving