Generalized F.A.Q. About All Items
1.) What are my payment options?

We accept several different payment options such as check, postal money order, most major credit cards, and PayPal. Payment can either be initiated by adding an item to the "cart" if it is available for purchase online or by us directly sending you a PayPal invoice which will guide you through a similar process. For custom items that require graphic work or photo-engraving, you cannot purchase them directly through our website, we must send you an online invoice first.

2.) What does customizing my piece entail?

Most of our items allow you to fill out a "Request Form" which will allow you to enter in your specifications for the piece. We will then send you a free preview for your approval. On some of our items, such as "Drumsticks with wording only" you can enter in your specifications for the wording and pay right away for your order (no preview available).

3.) How do I send Images/what are the reqs?

Image(s) can be sent to us using a couple different methods. When you place a request through a request form, you may upload the image directly through that form. Also, when one of our artists replies back to your request, you can attach and send an image in the e-mail that you reply back with. You may also send your image(s) directly to us through standard mail if you prefer and we can scan them and sent them back to you for only the price of shipping.

Image(s) that are sent should be less than 6MB in size if uploaded throught the site and should be scanned at a resolution of 300DPI. The better quality the image, the better quality you will receive from us. We will "doctor up" the photos if we feel it is necessary and will make some adjustments such as "cropping" but will not accept image(s) that require a lot of makeover work.We accept most file types but prefer .jpeg and .gif. Also, make sure that you have permission to use any of the images that you send us. We assume no responsibilty for images received that infringe on a third party's copyright. Please do not send us any images that may be considered offensive, vulgar, or contain nudity, we will not engrave them. If you have any questions or need any help with sending us your image(s), contact us.

4.) How long will it take for my piece to arrive?

This mainly depends on the item being ordered and the quantity. Typically the webpage giving the item description will list an approximate time for completion and delivery, but if you want a more accurate time just contact us and we'll gladly give you an estimated lead time. We do our best to meet deadlines!

5.) Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to all U.S States and Territories. We will also ship to the following countries: -Canada -U.K and Scotland -Australia Individuals in foreign countries will most likely be charged additional duty taxes by their government. Please check online to see what your countries duty fees may be.

6.) Do you offer refunds?

We stand behind our work and strive to produce quality products but we do not offer refunds on custom engraved pieces. In cases where the wrong item is engraved or the spelling is incorrect, we will either try to correct the engraving or we will re-do a new item.

Drumstick F.A.Q

1.) What'S This About Vic Firth Engraved Sticks?

We are now engraving Vic Firth Brand 5A wood tip drumsticks. These sticks are first quality sticks (not second grade). For "wording only" engraved sticks, the logo can be left on if it does not exceed 50 characters. For sticks exceeding this number of characters, have color added, photo-engraving, or graphic engraving, the logo must be removed in order to allow spacing for engraving. IF YOU WANT THE LOGO LEFT ON, YOU MUST REQUEST IT ON THE PREVIEW REQUEST FORM.

2.) Are only Vic Firths Available?

No, we may be able to accomidate requests for alternate sticks, but pricing may vary.

3.) Since you engrave Vic Firth sticks, are you part of Vic Firth?

No, we are not part of Vic Firth. We chose Vic Firth for the outstanding quality.

4.) What Drumstick Size Should I Choose?

Typically drumsticks come in 100's of different dimensions by different manufacturers and for the most part, it comes down to the drummer's personal preference. However, if you are unsure, we suggest 5A Wood Tips as they tend to be more common.

5A - Average Size Drumsticks, versatile for different playing style
5B- Slightly larger than 5A's, for a more aggressive playing style
7A - A thin, lightweight drumstick. Tends to be used by jazz players
2B- A thick, heavy drumstick that is the largest we offer.