Various types of engraved glassware that make a great gift for any special occassion
How it all started-A wide variety of hand carved and laser engraved wooden pieces
Custom made plaques done to your specifications! Nearly limitless amount of possibilities
From pickguards to electronics covers-----we've got you covered
Customized drumsticks engraved with your graphics, signature, or even photo!
Have your memories last for ever in stone with our personalized black marble pieces
Custom grips made out of various exotic woods, engraved with your own personal touch
Various examples of our electronic and accoustic pickguards
Several examples of truss rod covers that we've done out of exotic woods and plastics
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Click here to see some of the various electronics covers that we have done
Click here to see some examples of our beautifully hand made amp cabinets
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View examples of various wood types that we use for our custom guitar accessories
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Dog  tags custom engraved with wording, photos, or graphics
From pickguards to electronics covers-----we've got you covered
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Check out some  of our other specialized pieces that are in a class all of their own
Custom wedding cake toppers engraved with your photo, wording, and date
Custom glass, marble, and other types of coasters and paperweights available with custom engraving
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Dove-tail Jointing
Custom Amp Box
You choose the wood, you choose the size, and you choose the design.

These amp boxes are made out of the highest quality wood and sanded and polished till they resemble a mirror. They include dovetail joints and can have virtually any design done that you would like. Please note, these are just amp cases and do not include any electronics.
Amp cases start at $300 and increase according to type of wood to be used and type of graphics incorporated. We ask that you contact us through our "Contact Form" to let us know what exactly you are looking for and to request a quote.
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Amp Boxes
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